My Story

Passionate about dogs and training

My name is Jen Rose.  

I'm passionate about delivering fun training that is enjoyed by both the dog and their human.  I use positive and modern training methods.  I love nothing more than seeing a bond grow and skills develop.  

I first discovered my passion for dog training as a child, training my faithful dog Milly with home made agility equipment as the classes were more than my pocket money.  Nothing made me more proud than watching her confidently take on obstacles in the real world using her agility skills.

As an adult I adopted a quirky rescue dog, Shandy, who changed my world and taught me how important it was to take a modern and positive approach.  I learnt to try different techniques and how important it was to have a strong bond.  I loved taking him to training and realised how important it was for classes to be fun and variable.  We overcame a lot of his history and that experience was what made me want to become a dog trainer.

I currently have two beloved dogs Bernard and Mia.  I love trying different activities with my dogs, including agility, scentwork, rally, obedience, parkour and canicross.  Mia's absolute favourite is scent work and Bernard likes anything where he gets sausages!

I have discovered an absolute passion for learning everything I can about dogs.  I attend regur workshops and courses and read up as often as I can on different modern techniques and dog behaviour.

I qualified with distinction as an IMDT dog trainer in July 2019 and am looking into what qualification I want to do next.